Sorry……here’s an update

I am so sorry for not posting sooner but the summer holidays have hit and for me that means I have to make lots of birthday presents for friends and family. So far I have made 2 presents and I have started another 2. The first one I have already given so I can tell you about it but you will have to wait for the other 3. I made this lovely Sesame Street t-shirt for my sister.




I also did an embroidered border around it.

It is almost my birthday and on my birthday I am going to get the arc punch from staples. In the next couple of weeks I will be using it to make myself a planner. In preparation to this I have made a playlist on YouTube with ideas for making your own planner that works for you. Also it has been over a year since I launched this website and I hope that it has helped lots of people with their craft projects etc. and that it will carry on doing so.

Decourated 2013 Planner


For Christmas I received a plain black 2013 Planner, which I loved as it is very useful. But me always looking for an opportunity to do some craft I decided to decorate the front. First of all I used my butterfly punch to punch out several butterfly’s from some purple paper. I then stuck them on and coated the front cover in Mod Podge, I love Mod Podge! Before the Mod Podge dried I sprinkled some purple fairy dust and some green glitter on top. Once it had fully dried I coated it in Mod Podge once more. I thought the back looked a bit odd plain when the front was beautifully decorated so I decoupaged that side as well. But this time it had a geeky theme.


Book Binding With Kmckay Designs

So I was on YouTube,I do love You Tube there’s so many crafty channels on there that inspire me. Today I found out about a channel called Kmckay Designs, she does lots of crafts to do with organisation and she has lots of PDFs to print off which makes it easy-easy. She especially has great projects to do with kids. You can access her website here.
I found this video particularly inspired by this book binding tutorial.

A quick and simple craft

This is one of the quick crafts that you can do and are perfect for gifts. They are incredibly easy to mass produce and excellent for a last minute gift.

You can even personalise them with embroidery. You could embroider a child’s name onto a set to give with a book for a great gift that they will treasure.


Please share with me of your bookmark designs. You could even choose a different shape. For more help go to simple-serendpities.